Dog left in van in Watford scrap yard with ‘take me’ note

BBC News:

A “happy-go-lucky” puppy has been found in the back of a van in a scrap yard with a note on her collar which read “take me”, the Dogs Trust said.

The dog was found locked in the windowless vehicle in the Watford area.

The note also read: “My name is Valerie and I’m six months old”…

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‘Panic’ as dog nearly thrown grenade to chase on Dovercourt beach

BBC News:

A woman has spoken of the moment she inadvertently picked up a wartime grenade while throwing stones for her dog to chase on a beach.

Clair Watson was playing with Bonnie at Dovercourt, Essex, on Sunday when she realised one pebble felt odd.

“I turned it around in my hand and realised it wasn’t a stone, it was some sort of grenade because the top of it had a pin,” she said…

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Dog lovers use photo power in support of ‘Born to Live’ campaign to end laboratory suffering.

Earlier this year, a BUAV investigation at MSD Animal Health not only revealed the use of puppies in experiments, but also the routine killing of dogs and puppies at the UK facility.

Puppies were separated from their mothers at a very young age, some just over four weeks, to be used in tests. There was routine killing of puppies from five weeks of age and of healthy female adult beagles once their puppies were taken away for experiments.

Although a BUAV investigator was able to persuade the facility to allow one puppy and two breeding females to be released, there was a shocking lack of effort to find homes for those adult and puppy beagles who were no longer required or could have been released at the end of the experiments. Instead they were all simply killed.

Dog owners have backed the campaign to ask MSD Animal Health to end these experiments by taking to social network channels and sharing exactly why every dog should be ‘born to live’. Hundreds of animal lovers have posted the images with captions as to exactly why each and every one of their companion animals they share their home with has a right to life.

Head of Campaigns, Carla Owen, said: “It is deeply saddening to think about all the dogs who could have been given the chance of happiness but instead were callously discarded by MSD Animal Health. This is especially reflected in all the photographs of beagles that supporters have been submitting. Beagles are the main breed of dog used in UK research and it is a sad roulette of life that some have the opportunity to run and play, as we can see from the photo submissions, and some are simply born to die in a laboratory. We hope that this stark comparison will encourage more people to back our campaign and call on the Government to end these experiments once and for all.”

During the BUAV investigation, 92 beagle puppies, 10 adult nursing female beagles and at least 15 kittens were killed at the laboratory. In addition many chickens, rabbits and calves were also used and killed.

The BUAV launched the Our Best Friends campaign to end the use of thousands of dogs and hundreds of cats in research every year in the UK. Despite widespread public concern about the use of cats and dogs in research, because of the secrecy surrounding animal research very little is known about the suffering they are forced to endure. The BUAV’s revelations about what happens inside one UK laboratory will be especially shocking for the millions of families across the UK who share their homes and lives with cats and dogs.

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Rescue dog saves litter of kittens trapped in roof space of RSPCA centre


A rescue dog who had her leg amputated after being battered by children has become a surrogate mum to a litter of kittens.

Meg, a cross-breed rescued by Rochdale’s RSPCA centre as a puppy back in 2008, turned doggy detective when she helped staff to find five young cats in the ceiling of the animal centre on Redcross Street…

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Animal charities inundated with stray dogs after Stoke-on-Trent City Council rule change


Stray dogs are being dumped on hard-pressed animal charities – because rescuers are refusing to drive a 50-mile round trip to drop them off at the correct kennels.

The problems have emerged since last month when the City Dogs Home, in Bucknall, lost the contract with Stoke-on-Trent City Council to deal with strays…

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The collar that can tell when your pet is poorly: Device monitors animal’s health using sensors and texts owners

Daily Mail:

Pet owners will be able to monitor how their dogs and cats are feeling through a new ‘smart collar’ which will be launched next year.

Manufacturers claim the futuristic monitor will allow pets to ‘tell’ their owners how they are feeling and even be able to detect whether they are in pain by assessing their physiological and behavioural patterns…

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‘Fighting dog’ to be destroyed as man jailed after pug attack

Get Surrey:

A dangerous ‘fighting dog’ will be put down after an attack in Camberley left another dog blind in both eyes, while its walker has been jailed.

Lee Ainger, 20, of Deepcut Bridge Road, Deepcut – who was walking the pitbull-type dog called Scrappy in London Road Recreation Ground on March 16 – was said to have punched it as he tried to stop it attacking a small pug named William…

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Shocking images of cruelty from unlicensed Welsh dog breeding farm


A charity has uncovered awful conditions at a Welsh dog breeding farm.

The dogs were found to have been kept on short chains in their own waste.

Some were left with no access to water…

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Watch animal lover risk life by running across busy motorway to save cowering injured dog

Daily Mirror:

Brave Vero Salgado, 35, saw the pet get hit by a car and risked her own life to save it – would you do the same?…

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Bluey the dog is attacked in Cambridge by owner Emily Moody with plank of wood and bottle

Cambridge News:

A woman has been found guilty of animal cruelty after throwing a bottle at her dog and hitting him with a plank of wood.

Emily Moody, 21, failed to turn up at Cambridge Magistrates’ Court for her hearing after inflicting physical abuse on her Staffordshire bull terrier Bluey…

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