Police dash to 999 emergency ‘heavy breathing’ call to find dog running round garden with phone in its mouth


Police dashed to the scene of a 999 emergency – and found a dog which had stolen its owner’s phone had made the call…

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Retired guard dog who never had puppies finds a tiny kitten in the park and takes on the role of being her mother

Daily Mail:

It’s an unlikely pairing but a former guard dog has adopted a two-week-old kitten after she was dumped in the woods by her owner – and the two couldn’t get any cuter. 

Retired South Florida store-owner Lorrie has shared adorable pictures of her dog, a large Akita breed, named Lily cuddling her little pal in her paws…

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Brampton car tyres vandal unmasked as dog

BBC News:

The vandal responsible for a six-month spate of car damage in a town in Cumbria, has turned out to be a dog.

More than 10 vehicles, parked in the Jocks Hill and Sands area of Brampton, had suffered slow punctures.

CCTV images revealed the culprit to be a border collie. The dog, called Jess, was regularly biting the nearside tyres of cars during her daily walk…

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Walter Doe jailed for cutting puppy’s tail off, leaving animal in ‘excruciating pain’


A man has been sentenced to twelve weeks imprisonment for cutting off an eight-week-old puppy’s tail using a sharp tool.

Walter Doe, 24, from Essex, was jailed after using a sharp tool to remove its tail leaving the animal in “excruciating pain”.

The RSPCA removed the black and white puppy, called Jack, from Doe’s care last July following a report of concern for the animal’s welfare…

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PDSA Big Pet Check


This PDSA animation covers just some of the key findings from the 2013 PAW Report. Find out more about the state of our pet nation and discover what our cats, dogs and rabbits need most to lead healthy and happy lives.

Share the video with your friends and family and, together, we can all make a better life for pets.

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Soldier saves bomb dog threatened with being put down

BBC News:

A soldier has saved the life of a bomb-hunting dog which she served alongside in Afghanistan.

Vidar, a four-year-old Belgian Malinois, sniffed out a haul of enemy weapons while army medic Angie McDonnell was posted there.

But Vidar faced being put down after being diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder.

So Ms McDonnell, a reservist, made it her mission to adopt Vidar and bring him back to her home in south Wales…

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Sentence for Sandwell wild dog owner after animal had to be shot dead by police

Express  & Star:

Now Muneer Ahmed, who is serving a prison term for beating another dog to death with a brick, has been handed a second jail sentence. Sandwell Magistrates’ Court was yesterday told how Ahmed’s Staffordshire Bull Terrier-type dogs, a male called Tigger and a female called Tia, were wandering Richmond Road, Bearwood at around 3.30pm on January 20…

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UAV raises concerns about cruel dog cloning competition to be aired on UK TV

The BUAV has today raised concerns about the airing on national TV tonight of a competition for UK dog owners to win a clone of their beloved dog.  We hope that Channel 4 will portray a realistic view of the science of cloning, the moral and ethical issues it raises and the animal suffering it causes.

South Korean cloning company, Sooam Biotech Research Foundation, has been cloning dogs mainly for U.S. customers. Now, in an effort to expand into the British market, the company has run a competition where animal lovers were asked to submit an essay explaining why their dog should be cloned. The winning applicant has had her dog cloned for free and travelled to South Korea to see the process.

Dr Katy Taylor, Head of Science at the BUAV, said: “Cloning is a very unpredictable and extremely wasteful process. In order to produce just one ‘perfect’ clone, many puppies with the same genes as a loved animal will be born. Some of these puppies will be aborted or will die soon after birth from unpredictable health complications and severe birth defects. “

In addition, a large number of egg donor and surrogate female dogs are also used in this cruel process and subjected to surgical procedures as well as caesarean sections and miscarriages that are likely to cause pain and considerable distress.

As well as the number of dogs killed in the cloning process, many other innocent animals will previously have been subjected to cruel cloning research experiments in these laboratories in attempts to improve cloning techniques.

The BUAV previously urged people not to enter the competition and to be aware of the suffering and death involved in attempts to produce each clone. We are disappointed to see that Channel 4 has chosen to air this programme and we hope that it portrays a realistic view of the science of cloning and the moral and ethical issues it raises.

To find out more the BUAV’s campaign to end the use of cats and dogs in experiments please visit www.ourbestfriends.org

The £60,000 puppy: Cloning Man’s Best Friend airs on Channel 4 at 10pm tonight, Wednesday 9th April 2014.

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Dog rescued from whip attack: RSPCA appeal

Burnley Express:

The RSPCA wants information on two men who were seen whipping a dog with a metal lead in a Burnley park.

The horrific act of cruelty was witnessed by passers-by in Queens Park on Sunday, March 23rd.

Fortunately, one man managed to grab the six-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier named Roxi and move her to safety…

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Your dog truly loves your scent


The results of brain scans showed that a reward area in the dogs’ brains responded more strongly to the scents of familiar people than to the scents of other people or even of familiar dogs…

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