Man leaves bartender $1,000 tip for dog’s surgery

Whilst chatting to a friendly couple, Holiday Inn bartender Christina Summitt confided that she was worried about her dog Tucker. Tucker was at the vet’s having an operation after he swallowed a ball.

When the couple finished up, they left a $1,000 dollar tip for Christina to help pay the vet’s bill!

Full story: CNN

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Warning over dog thefts from outside shops for ‘sick entertainment’ is placed at Tesco near Cambridge

Cambridge News:

A warning pets are being stolen from outside shops to be used in dog fights for “sick entertainment” has been placed in a Tesco near Cambridge.

The poster was placed in the supermarket in Milton amid fears dogs are being stolen to order by organised gangs to be used for breeding and illegal dog fights…

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Metro police raid dog-fighting ring

The Tennessean:

Metro police have removed at least 38 dogs from two Bordeaux homes as part of an ongoing investigation into one of the biggest dog-fighting busts in Nashville’s history.

The dogs, most of them pit bulls ranging from puppies to full-grown adults, were chained to trees in a wide expanse behind two Pewitt Road homes. Some of them were emaciated, scarred or marked with gaping, bloody wounds…

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‘Alabama Rot’ dog disease warning


There are concerns among dog owners that a disease with no known cause or cure has arrived in the North West.

Three animals have died in the Wigan area from what’s believed to be ‘Alabama Rot.’

Experts claim the disease is not contagious and say the number of infected animals is small…

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Jeremy Clarkson and his black dog, Didier Dogba, unsurprisingly manage to offend another group of people


The Top Gear presenter this morning announced that he was calling his new small black dog, Didier Dogba, after the former Chelsea footballer Didier Drogba.

Cue an onslaught of comments accusing Clarkson of racism, proving that his appetite to stir controversy really knows no bounds. There is obviously nothing like a Bank Holiday Monday to offend a new set of people…

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Boxer dog Murphy found after £1,000 helicopter search

BBC News:

A boxer dog missing for five days in the Lake District has been found after £1,000 was raised to fund a helicopter search.

Murphy disappeared on Monday after slipping his lead at Angle Tarn, near Hartsop, Cumbria.

A social media campaign was launched to collect funds for a scent dog and the flight…

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Farmer threatened my dogs with a shotgun then left my dachshund dead under wheels of his van

Daily Mail:

It all began with a businessman taking his two miniature dachshunds out for a walk.

But what should have been a relaxing stroll ended in horror – with one of the dogs dying in his arms after a farmer allegedly ran it over in a row over trespassing…

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Dog whisperer Cesar Millan: Hollywood is full of predators


‘I don’t punch dogs,’ says pint-sized pooch supremo Cesar Millan of his controversial approach to training ill-behaved canines…

…That’s not the view Alan Titchmarsh – of all people – took when Millan, 44, appeared on his daytime chat show 18 months ago…

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BUAV calls for the mandatory release of cats and dogs from testing laboratories

Thursday April 24th marks World Day for Animals in Laboratories; an international event to commemorate the millions of animals who suffer and die in laboratories around the world.

As part of the BUAV Our Best Friends campaign to end the use of cats and dogs in experiments, the organisation is using this important day to highlight a grim secret of the research industry – the routine killing of animals ‘no longer required’ by laboratories.  The BUAV believes this is unacceptable and is calling for their mandatory release where possible. A national petition has been started in support of the campaign.

The issue has come to light following BUAV undercover investigations that have revealed  laboratories and breeding centres are routinely killing animals who are no longer required. Some animals may have been used in experiments; others bred for research but not used and considered ‘surplus to requirements.’ Yet, rather than release or find homes for these animals outside the laboratory, they are being denied the opportunity of freedom and simply killed.

During the BUAV’s most recent investigation at MSD Animal Health, it was discovered that healthy female adult beagles were being routinely killed – once their puppies had been taken away from them – as well as beagle puppies who were no longer required and could have been released at the end of the experiments. Thanks to the BUAV, three dogs were saved from death after a BUAV investigator was able to persuade MSD Animal Health to release them. They now have loving homes and are enjoying their new lives.

Journalist and animal advocate, Wendy Turner Webster, met with the BUAV and Oliver, a five month old puppy who was released from MSD Animal Health, and is echoing the BUAV’s call for a change in legislation.

Wendy said: “Oliver is a beautiful, healthy and vibrant dog and it is devastating to think that his mother and six other siblings were all killed. I join the BUAV call to stop the killing of those animals in laboratories who could be released into secure and loving homes. I encourage others to find out more and support the BUAV campaign on this World Day for Animals in Laboratories.”

Sarah Kite, Director of Special Projects stated:  “Although the three beagles we rescued are affected by their institutionalisation in the laboratory, they are learning quickly how enjoyable life can be. All three epitomise how easily many more of these dogs could have been released into loving homes, if only MSD Animal Health had made the effort. It is shameful and we call for an immediate change in policy from the Home Office to enable this to happen. ”

The BUAV launched its Our Best Friends campaign in July 2013 to end the use of cats and dogs in research and the campaign has received widespread support from many celebrities including Paul O’Grady, Ricky Gervais, Miranda Richardson, Jilly Cooper, Chris Packham, Kirsty Gallacher and Greg Rutherford among others.

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Police dash to 999 emergency ‘heavy breathing’ call to find dog running round garden with phone in its mouth


Police dashed to the scene of a 999 emergency – and found a dog which had stolen its owner’s phone had made the call…

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